Apple Varieties

Baker Orchard is proud to offer a wide selection of apples, available from late August until the end of the Fall season. Our apples ripen at their own pace, dependent on the weather and we do not pick them before they are ready, insuring that the apples you purchase at our orchard stand are the freshest and best tasting apples possible. Please check our Home page for the weekly selections available.

All apples should be stored in a cool, humid place. In order to keep apples at their peak, avoid storing them in close proximity to strongly flavored foods such as onions. Our storage recommendations are for ideal conditions, which may vary from the orchard to your home. Check your stored apples often and remove any fruit with bruising or punctures.

Sweet-Tart, juicy, crisp white flesh, bright red skin. Excellent eating. Good for sauce and crisp.
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Surprising sweet-tart flavor and crunch for an early season apple.
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